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The beginning of everything

Gathered in the city of Mongaguá, South Coast of São Paulo, researchers and historians of Santos Futebol Clube created on April 5 an association to study, disseminate and preserve the black memory, ASSOPHIS (Association of Researchers and Historians of Santos).

Among the goals of the entity are the production of Santos FC's cultural material, meetings with lectures and exchanges of information, celebration of important dates, in addition to the dissemination of the work of its members.

Members and founders

Carlos Pierin, Lalá (Goalkeeper of Santos FC in the 50s / 60s), Odir Cunha, Evaldo Rodrigues, Gabriel Santana, Gabriel Davi Pierin, Guilherme Guarche, Guilherme Nascimento, José Roberto Brandi Dos Santos, Léo Devezas, Manoel Venceslau Neto, Marcelo Lucio Fernandes, Marcos Magno, Paulo Rogério, Ted Richard Paiva Sartori, Walmir Gonçalves and Wesley Miranda.

Other great reinforcements joined the group then: Fernando Ribeiro, Hugo Restom, Sérgio Nusa, Alex Santos, Vitor Sion, Fabio Lopes, Caio Lotufo, Rodrigo Almeida and a multitude of great partners: Milton Neves, Ademir Quintino, Paulo Consentino, Marcio Ishi, Ricardo Agostinho, Diego Fernandes and many others.

Big goal

ASSOPHIS, an independent, non-profit entity, without any type of discrimination, which aims to bring together people who research and study the history of Santos Futebol Clube.

The association was born with the objective of preserving memory, stimulating research (and new researchers), collecting new materials and, mainly, disseminating the history of Santos FC.

A little of what we have already built

On 03/29/2016, for the first time in history, the University of São Paulo hosted an event from a large club of Brazilian and world football, the LUDENS (Interdisciplinary Research Center on Football and Playful Modalities of the USP Department of History). Through its coordinator, Prof. Dr. Flávio de Campos, invited Assophis for a debate between assophists and researchers that was held in the History / Geography building.

Highlight for our partnership with the friends of the Embassy of Santos FC in São Paulo, helping to organize the events and meetings of the veterans.

Of the 48 books released on the history of Santos FC since 1964, we are responsible for the authorship of 27 books. The group's hard work affected the history of Santos FC, the discovery of Santos' top scorers in the 1916 and 1926 Paulista Championships, the identification of photos, cups, corrections in the technical files of all the games since the club's founding in 1912, a collection of images , statistical data and collection of historical material, it is also worth remembering the valuable exchange with historians, researchers, collectors from other clubs and foreign countries.

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